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Keyun is an economist with a background in cyber risk. She is the Founder of Happiness Foundation, a multidisciplinary think tank and research foundation focused on how economic and technological models can optimise for happiness, wellbeing and fulfillment in the 4th industrial revolution. Read Happiness Foundation point of view paper here.

Keyun's current academic focus is cybernomics - a new field in economics dedicated to the study of digital asset valuation and cyber risk measurement, tailored for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Her theories involve novel principles, laws and valuation models for digital assets, the backbone of our economy today. She was the first to academically propose a pair of risk units for measuring cyber risk, hekla and bitmort. The units were first published in the Journal of Computer & Security in 2016, the oldest journal in the field of cyber security. Her second textbook, “Digital Asset Valuation and Cyber Risk Measurement: Principles of Cybernomics”, has been published by Elsevier Economics in May 2019. 


Keyun is also a world-renowned expert in cloud forensics, a cutting-edge branch of cybersecurity, having created the field during her PhD on cybercrime investigation in 2009. She has 11 years of rare expertise on cloud security and risk management, having worked in academia, edited the world’s first academic reference book, trained law enforcement agencies, and contributed to international standards developments widely adopted today. Her work has resulted in significant uplifting of security, incident management and resilience of the global digital infrastructure. She has advised the world’s largest financial services organisations and the fastest growing fintech companies on their cloud security strategies and digital transformation. 

Keyun started coding at the age of 12, she holds a PhD in computer science and a diploma in art and design. She has a passion for trans-disciplinary innovation and design. She is a frequent speaker at industry and academic conferences about her work. She also speaks about inclusive and female leadership.

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Introducing hekla and bitmort: "Kilogram" of cyber risk


Keyun's recent article [pdf] in the oldest journal of computer security proposes basic units for measuring cyber risk, borrowing concepts from medicine and finance. This is the first academic paper to formally propose measurement units for cyber risk.

New book: Digital Asset Valuation and Cyber Risk Measurement (Elsevier, 2019)

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 Keyun's second book investigates the most challenging areas of economic modelling for adding dollar values to digital assets and associated risks. It is the first academic textbook that provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in the fields of digital asset valuation and cyber risk measurement. It also introduces novel theories and principles of Cybernomics, which redefines some of the fundamental principles of economics in the hyper-connected world.

Cybercrime and Cloud Forensics (IGI Global, 2012)


Keyun's first book is the world's first comprehensive academic reference book on cloud forensics. This reference source brings together the perspectives of cloud customers, security architects, and law enforcement agencies in the developing area of cloud forensics.

Principles of Cybernomics: An Introduction 


This text is a short summary of the Cybernomics Book . It covers all core concepts of Cybernomics, targeted at general audience.

“Digital Asset Valuation and Cyber Risk Measurement: Economic Theories for the 4th Industrial Revolution"

12 November 2019, University of Oxford

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