Keyun is a computer scientist and author recognised internationally for her pioneering work on cloud forensics over the past decade. Her foundational work has made her one of the most cited scholars in this field in the world.  She has ten years of rare expertise on cloud forensics, security and risk management, having worked in academia, edited the first academic reference book, trained law enforcement agencies, contributed to international standards developments widely adopted today, and advised global financial services organisations on their cloud transformation. 


Keyun is currently working on her second project on cybernomics - a field in economics dedicated to the study of digital asset valuation and cyber risk measurement. Her second textbook, “Digital Asset Valuation and Cyber Risk Measurement: Principles of Cybernomics”, has been published by Elsevier Economics in May 2019. She invented a pair of risk units for measuring cyber risk, hekla and bitmort. The units were first published in the Journal of Computer & Security in 2016. It is the oldest journal in the field of cyber security.  


Keyun holds a PhD in computer science and a diploma in art and design. She has a passion for art and trans-disciplinary innovation. 


Currently Keyun is Head of Security, Risk & Compliance at Google Cloud UK&I. She is a frequent speaker at industry and academic conferences about her work.  She also speaks about inclusive and female leadership.

"Kilogram" of cyber risk

Keyun's recent article [pdf] in the oldest journal of computer security proposes basic units for measuring cyber risk, borrowing concepts from medicine and finance.

New book launch:

Digital Asset Valuation and Cyber Risk Measurement - Principles of Cybernomics

(Academic Press)

 Keyun's second book investigates the most challenging areas of economic modelling for adding dollar values to digital assets and associated risks. It also redefines some of the fundamental principles of economics in the hyper-connected world. 

“Digital Asset Valuation and Cyber Risk Measurement: Economic Theories for the 4th Industrial Revolution"

12 November 2019, University of Oxford

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